Business Services

You may be a micro businesses running out of your home, but your clients don't need to know that. Project a professional appearance with a corporate phone number, automated receptionist, and mail services.

Mail Acceptance

Members may use our postal address as their business mailing address.

Phone Number Voicemail with Automated Attendant

Members may purchase a local phone number from us, integrated with our on-site PBX system. We can configure an automated attendant with text-to-speech capability, or you may provide us with your own recorded messages. We can forward calls to external numbers of your choosing and also setup voicemail boxes. Voicemail will be sent as transcribed email with attached recordings. We provide 3000 minutes a month per dedicated phone number for $15/mo.

Fax Acceptance

Members may use our fax line to send and receive business faxes, or may opt to purchase a dedicated e-fax account from us. (Coming soon)


We self-host our invoicing system and can set you up with your own completely customizable white-label site. Create custom invoices, track quotes and payments, basic expenses, and vendor accounts as well. The invoicing system can integrate with your PayPal or Stripe account for credit card acceptance. All for $8/mo.

Web hosting

E-commerce is not in scope, but basic one-pager sites to establish your internet presence are available. We can host your static site on your domain on our servers. If you need help with designing and building the site, a consulting contract is required. Contact us for details.

Email, Contacts, Calendar, Groupware

We run all of our own services for this- but unless you are technically-inclined (and thus don't need our help here) you should just subscribe to Office365, Google, or another cloud provider.


We aren't set up to handle your branding and marketing needs in-house (we have day jobs), but we can help provide you with some resources we have used and can confidently recommend. You may use the graphic design programs on our office workstation to design professional-appearing marketing materials.

On-Site Sales

Sales Counter

B2B Events

Public Events

Winter Market

Inter-Session Storage

Supplies and Ingredients

Group Purchasing

Delivery Acceptance

Liability Insurance