How can we help?

Thank you for you interst in Haddon Kitchen Incbator. We provide many flexible options to help you in any stage of your business and aim to be your partner in building and expanding your operations. Our mission is to build a thriving local food community in South Jersery and we only succeed if you do.

Inquiry Form

Please fill out this membership inquiry form to tell us about your business. We will contact you as soon as possible, typically in less than three business days. Even if you are not sure of your exact requirements, this information will help us determine if we are a good fit for your business needs.

PLEASE check your spam folder as emails seem to keep going there lately, despite using a properly-configured mail server. Also please provide a valid phone number in case our email reply doesn't arrive. We do not sell or rent our contact list and do not send out any mass emails. We only reply to inqiries sent to us.

Membership Requirements

Membership in Haddon Kitchen Incubator requires that you are a properly-licensed business. A sole proprietorship is fine if that fits your needs (although we strongly suggest forming an LLC for your protection). However, for your protection, regardless of corporate structure, your business needs to follow all the relevant licensing and inspection processes required for food service businesses in New Jersey. You must also carry standard business liability insurance, and if you have employees, workers' compensation liability insurance as required by the State.

We will therefore request copies of the following documents:

  • Valid government-issued identification
  • Valid food manager certificate (a food handler certificate is NOT sufficient)
  • Valid health department inspection for your business operations at our facility
  • Valid health department inspection for any off-site sales location
  • Valid mobile vendor permit for market vendors, food trucks, caterers, etc.
  • Proof of liability insurance naming Hadoon Kitchen Incubator and SJKJSN Enterprises as named insureds
  • Proof of workers' compensation insurance or principal waiver if no employees
  • State sales tax registration
  • If the above documents are in a business name, proof of entity
    • IRS EIN for corporations, including LLCs
    • State business registration for corporations, including LLCs
    • Certificate of Trade Name if a Sole Proprietorship

Don't worry if those requirements sound daunting. Starting up or expanding a business is the hard part. The paperwork requires attention to detail but is not difficult. We are here to help our members ensure they are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations to be successful when working with us. If you have questions about the requirements, we will assist you during the onboarding process. If you need more extensive startup assistance, such as business planning or structure, insurance, menu planning, financing, marketing, or other detailed help, consider a consulting contract with us.

Application Process

  1. Complete Application Form
  2. Provide documents listed above
  3. Sign membership agreement/facilities use contract
  4. Pay account initiation fee and security deposit
  5. Sign optional services contract(s) as applicable
  6. Provide list of personnel accessing facility and copies of their identification
  7. Schedule facility orientation and receive materials
    • Facility access card(s)
    • Scheduling system login
    • Invoice system login
    • Wifi access code
    • Parking Pass(es)
    • Member Handbook
  8. Schedule kitchen sessions
  9. Start cooking!