Kitchen Facilities

Haddon Kitchen Incubator is located at 901 White Horse Pike in Haddon Township NJ 08107. Our facilities consist of three interconnected work rooms and an event room. Each area is available for simultaneous use with any reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some equipment may require a specific reservation or small additional fee. Basic catering equipment is also available for separate rental.

  • Main Kitchen

    Spacious restaurant-style production area with a full hot line, convection ovens, microwave, slicers, fixed and mobile work tables, prep sink and refrigeration.

  • Rear Kitchen

    Flexible use area with mixers and both stainless steel and wood top tables. Ideal as a bread and pastry preparation area.

  • Prep Area

    Seprate work area with stainless steel work tables with integral oversheleves, best for basic preparation or assembly needs. Located in the side storeroom just steps away from the walk-in refrigeration, freezers, and standing mixer.

Work Areas

  •  Main Kitchen

    Main Kitchen

    Hot line: two 6-burner stoves with gas ovens, double basket fryer, 60” charbroiler. Oven area: two stainless steel prep tables, two warmers/proofers, four convection ovens, sheet pans. Front prep: two stainless steel prep tables, 2000W microwave oven, prep sink, two deli slicers (one each dedicated to meat and cheese), double refrigerator, single refrigerator, rolling cutting/prep tables with integral speed racks, general use kitchen equipment.

  •  Rear Kitchen

    Rear Kitchen

    Wood bench table, steel prep table, 20qt mixer, 8qt stand mixer, food processor, blender and other similar small kitchen equipment.

  •  Prep Room

    Prep Room

    Two prep tables with overshelves, dough sheeter, speed racks, mixing bowls and other general use kitchen supplies and equipment stored here. Additional dry storage and lockers are located here.

  •  Event Room

    Event Room

Event Room

  •  Event Room

    Event Room

Sales Counter

  •  Sales Counter

    Sales Counter

Office Area

  •  Office Area

    Office Area